Obama, the Communist Threat?

Friday, September 12th, 2008 | Republicans

Here is a collection of four videos which all claim that Obama is a communist/socialist. All of the videos are quite recent (posted on YouTube within the last week). What does that says about the makers of these films? An interesting cross section of America, for sure; including a black preacher “The Honorable James David Manning,” a folk musician, and a rather hardcore street campaigner.

Here is the first one (btw, the guy starts praying 4 minutes and 40 seconds into the video and doesn’t stop until the end…in case you want to skip that part):

And what’s that about Michelle…you say she looks like King Kong?

Number 2: A short song claiming the Obama is a communist. “Barack Obama, about to stir up some M–F’in drama.”

Third: Perhaps this is something intended to stir up hate. Keep in mind this video was posted only 4 days ago! It features imagery from the primaries related to rumours claiming Obama is Muslim — and all mixed together with communist symbols. You’d think that the video-blogger would have moved on to something else by now.

Fourth: This guy, who plans to stand in the middle of busy intersections with a sign for the next 50 days, claims Obama is a socialist. He wouldn’t allow the video to be embedded, so here is the link: Obama the Socialist

Finally, lets end by turning the tables a bit. Here is a blogger who says “Speaking of the Republican national convention, I have to say, I loved it. It reminded me of the communist party convention many years ago.”

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September 22, 2008

this is another thinly veiled attack based on race ..but for all you right wing hidebound fops think about this: nothing! obama will or could to in his presidency would bring us farther down the path towards socailism than bush’s nationalization of the financial markets which was driven by his administration’s reason d’tre of keeping the rape of the middle class by the super rich extant..The GOP”s new moto “privatize profits and socialize losses “

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